Our annual Pack 427 fundraiser is under way.  Help us raise funds to support all of your favorite pack activities such as camps, Pinewood Derby and service projects.  Please refer to the attached wreath brochure (PDF), as well as the instructions below.  

Why do we sell wreaths?
The wreath sale is the Pack’s only fundraiser for the year. We use the proceeds to fund all of the Pack’s activities which include: 3 camps which are entirely free to all attendees, special winter events, and all of the special patches and awards given to the scouts. The majority of your annual dues go to the North Star District and national Boy Scouts of America organization for administrative overhead. Thus, wreath sales are really what make Pack 427 go.

How many do I need to sell?
We ask each boy to sell a minimum of 15 items. The buy-out is $7 per item for sales under 15 items. Therefore, the full buy-out if you do not want to sell anything is $105 (15 items * $7)

To whom should I sell wreaths?
Sell to your friends, neighbors, family, and colleagues. Only sell to local people since you will be responsible for physically delivering the wreaths.

How do I sell wreaths?

1. Prepare your wreath sales materials.
You will need to mark-up your glossy brochure. This will be your marketing document to show customers. A sample marked-up brochure is attached and also available on the Pack’s website. Again, here is the link to our example of a marked-up brochure; please verify that the prices on the marked-up brochure match the 2018 prices your sales form.

To prepare your brochure:

  • Under the Evergreen Garland section cross-off the line that says “6 Loop Velvet Bow”. We do not sell the bows and the bows do not come with the garland.

  • Take your marker and transfer the price of each item from the front of your wreath sales envelope to the glossy brochure.

  • Not shown on the brochure are bundles of dogwood sticks like these and spruce tips like these, both of which we sell for $10. Write that onto the brochure.

  • Add 60 inch wreath and 50 foot garland and prices to your brochure.

2. Go find and speak with customers.
Bring along your glossy brochure with the prices, your white order tracking sheet, a clipboard, a pen, and perhaps a calculator so that you can total-up your bigger orders. Most importantly, make sure your scout is wearing his uniform – it will definitely help sales.

Have your son show the glossy brochure to your prospective customer and explain that they are selling wreaths to raise funds for Cub Scouts. Tell your customers that the wreaths will be delivered about a week before Thanksgiving.

Once your customer agrees to buy some items, use your order tracking sheet to write down the customer’s name, address, and the number of each item ordered. Total the number of items and the cost in the last column of that customer’s row.

3. Collect Payment
Collect payment at the time of the sale!
Checks should be made payable to Pack 427. We will certainly accept cash, but checks work better because we can track who paid what for which order.

What do I do when I am finished selling?
Total your sales and count the money you collected. Take your order tracking sheet and total the number of items sold at the bottom of each column. If you choose, you can use the attached excel version of the order tracking sheet to help you do this. The spreadsheet will automatically total your sales. The excel version is also available on the Pack website (here is the link).

Once you are done totaling your order tracking sheet, transfer the totals to the front of your wreath sales envelope. Enter the quantity of each item sold in the appropriate cell. Multiply the quantity of each item by the price of each item to calculate the total dollar amount sold of each item. Grand total the quantity and amount columns at the bottom of the envelope.

Enter your son’s name, phone number, Den number, and Pack number (427) in the appropriate locations on the front of the envelope.

Count all of the money you collected in checks and cash. Make sure the total you’ve collected equals the total you’ve calculated on the front of the envelope. Put all of the money into the envelope and close the envelope using the clasp (you do not need to seal the envelope).

Keep your order tracking sheet with your customers’ orders and delivery addresses! Do NOT put that sheet into the envelope. You will need to keep the order tracking sheet so you remember who ordered what and know where to deliver each order when comes time to deliver.

Give your completed envelope with all of the payments to your Den Leader in advance of the October 23 pack meeting or bring to the October 23 pack meeting.  We are unable to accept wreath orders after October 23.

How does delivery work? We expect that wreaths will be available for pick-up on November 17 in the St. Therese parking lot behind the school. The boys will participate in a Scout Carnival event during wreath pick-up time. In order to spread out traffic, Dens will be assigned different times during the morning to pick-up their wreaths. Wait in line in your car for the Boy Scouts to help you. When you are at the front of the line tell the Boy Scouts your name, they will confirm your order and load the items into your vehicle. This is a good time to bring a copy of your order tracking sheet to confirm you receive everything your customers ordered.

Then use your order tracking sheet and deliver the items to your customers. Make sure you thank your customers for their support.

If you have questions you can ask your Den Leader or Colin Winkler (colinwinkler@gmail.com) or 703.201.7790